Shaolin System

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What is Shaolin?

Shaolin (少林) is the name of a temple which teaches various styles or schools of Chinese martial arts. The temple is a Buddhist monastery first located in the Henan province of China. There have been various temples built over the last 1500 years. The various martial art styles taught today were created or brought to Shaolin and further developed by monks at the Shaolin temple. Many styles and systems have traveled out of the temple across China and eventually to other countries. These styles saw further development and refinement as they were passed down to other people. 

Shaolin Gung-Fu System

My system is an eclectic system of Gung-Fu that brings the following benefits:

Gung-Fu Forms

Forms are an integral part of traditional martial arts. They put various techniques and movements together in a choreographed sequence to teach various martial skills in a structured way. While I have learned and taught many forms, there are 8 standard forms that I teach in my system. There are other forms taught that are considered supplemental to the system.