Martial Art webSites

Martial Art Websites

They're a school in NYC for learning Shaolin martial arts. The beginning of my martial arts journey started here. They have been in operation since 1967 spreading the traditional teachings under Grandmaster Alan Lee.

Contains articles as well as great DVD's and Books on various Chinese martial arts. 

The website offers information on Hsing Yi, Bagua, and Taiji as taught by Mike Patterson and Andrea Cheng. The website has products for sail and a wealth of information on the internal arts.

Contains all information on Bagua Zhang and some on Xingyi Chuan. There are also books and DVD's promoted for sale on the site.

A school in NYC teaching Bagua Zhang by Frank Allen and Tina Chunna Zhang. They teach Cheng Style Bagua Zhang as well as other martial arts. They have extensive knowledge and information on Bagua Zhang.

Master Al Case shares many free articles and training DVD's of various arts that he has studied. He has his own study of martial arts and an approach that he calls matrix martial arts.

The Taiping Institute is set on preserving traditional martial systems that are taught through their schools. Their headquarters are based in Singapore where they teach many combative martial art systems. There is extensive information on the history of the different systems they teach on their website.

Masters of Internal Martial Arts is a website that archives the history and practice of internal martial arts. A website with great articles and information involving Xingyiquan, Taijiquan, and Baguazhang martial arts.