Hsing Yi System

What is Hsing Yi?

Hsing Yi/ Xingyi (Chinese: 形意拳; pinyin: Xíng yì quán; Wade-Giles: Hsing I Ch'üan) (Form Intention Boxing) is considered an Internal boxing system developed in China. The art is derived from Spear fighting on the battlefield. It is classified by its practice of outside stillness and internal movements, which can not be seen by the eye.

Hsing Yi Gung-Fu System

The system I have learned is a variant of Hebei Hsing Yi with influence from Pakua Zhang, which is another Chinese internal martial art. In the beginning, the focus is on developing the proper mind and body connection through San Ti Shi practice. The system teaches 5 element fist as having distinct internal power generations that are coupled with 5 external body movements. All 5 elements are taught to later be combined and readily available in the fists at all times.

Gung-Fu Forms

Forms are an integral part of Hsing Yi. The below forms are what I teach in my curriculum.

 Hsing Yi/ Xingyi Quan is taught in New York City in private and small group settings. This is the best way to transmit this type of martial art due to specific body mechanics that must be followed and understood when first learning the art.