Gung-Fu WU-Shu

 MISSION: To teach traditional martial arts in a comprehensive way harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit.

Why Train In Kung-Fu?

Chinese Martial arts are taught in a holistic way developing the mind and body. The goal is to build character and become your best possible self, allowing us to better serve our communities and society. The values of a positive attitude, discipline, and respect gained from the training are priceless. They are values, which can be taken and applied to all aspects of your life. Making you a well-rounded individual. Kung-Fu (Gung-Fu) itself means to be a disciplined person. It is not restricted to martial arts but applies to all aspects of life. It means you are a person who has developed a certain level of skill in a particular area through hard work.


Shifu Luis is an artist and martial artist based in New York. He is experienced in both Northern Shaolin Gung-Fu and Xing Yi Chuan. He has studied Chinese Martial Arts for over 24 years and taught for over 15 years.